Welcome to the print shop.  I have been receiving requests for printed paper editions of my sculptures for many years, but it has only been recently that I have started to explore their potential as a way to look deeper into my own work. Although rooted in the mediums of photography and sculpture, the prints represent an artistic exploration in their own right and have a strong graphic quality. Each print is created using a professional grade Epson large format printer with archival ink and unbleached, mineral whitened, 100% cotton rag paper. Each edition is created, named, dated and signed by myself, Ellen Jewett, in my own studio; not a third party manufacturer.

For ease of checkout function we are currently using etsy as a platform, click anywhere below to visit the shop.  New prints are released periodically and older ones retired.  If you are interested in the original sculptures please stay tuned to the sculptures page and ad your email to the waiting list to be notified of availability.