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overlooking potential

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This listing is for a handmade, one of a kind sculpture, overlooking potential, completed in 2018.

Made and sold by the artist Ellen Jewett.  No others of this specific sculpture can or will be reproduced.

About this Sculpture


7 inches long

5 inches wide

 9 inches tall

The purchase of this piece includes:

1) Entire original sculpture as photographed, including date and signature

2) Proof of sale document

3) Any necessary ongoing support from the artist

4) If a two dimensional edition print of this sculpture is created in the future, the purchaser is entitled to the first edition of that print

About the 'mixed media':

This sculpture is constructed using non-toxic clay materials worked over a highly complex and resilient metal wire matrix. The result of this construction is the maximum appearance of fragility while providing the sculpture the ability to withstand transport and handling. The primary clays used are cold porcelain, non-toxic air drying polymer and a heat cured biodegradable polymer. 

 The painting consists of several mediums; acrylic and oil pigments, as well as raw powdered mineral pigment.

Due to the incredibly thin and delicate use of material the overall feel of this sculpture is light and airy. The sculpture has a touch of 'give' which prevents brittleness. Every detail is individually and painstakingly handmade.

Care Instructions

This sculpture has been constructed to be as impervious to age and gentle handling as possible. For best results store at stable room temperature.  Mid to high humidity levels are preferred for the material to maintain maximum durability over time.  Avoid displaying directly on a bright window ledge, frequently used fireplace mantle or any location that is overly hot or dry. Glass cases, shadow boxes and curio cabinets are the simplest solution for the display and protection of fine art sculpture.  If your environment is overly dry a small cup of water can be covertly placed in the display unit to raise the humidity.  


The sculpture can be safely shipped worldwide using international expedited post. Because the cost of shipping varies so widely by location, for the benefit of my many international collectors I provide free international shipping via Canada Post. Different shipping companies may be used at the buyers expense.

If you wish for this sculpture to be held for you after purchase, and shipped for a specific date, this can be accommodated.  Please contact me after purchase with your request.

Please feel free to ask any questions about this sculpture. Thanks for looking